Project info

'sokakta' means 'being in the street'.

"We’re the real owners of the cityscape, so lets be outside together!"
It was the slogan of workshop which was organized by LABs*. 
The workshop started with discussing about our daily life in cities and creative solution for regular routines. Participants were asked to pin their favourite places on the city map with their experience. So that we discussed potential of current spaces and potential of our city.
Then we choose a street where is full of cafes and some boutique stores and asked to all participant to design, create some artworks or new usages of current elements of the street. By using paper boxes, fabric wastes and other materials the street was transformed a kind of open-air art studio. 
*LABs means ‘Local Architectural Bags’, is a design group who aims to work collectively for independent projects, organizations.

Year: 2013
Location: Kocaeli, Turkey
Type: Workshop / Organization
Collabrators: With LABs - Local Architectural Bags
Cengizhan Aydın, Emre Demirtaş, Pınar Keçebaş, Tuğçe Şahin
Photography: LABs - Local Architectural Bags